7 Secret Habits Of Frugal Living and Frugal People

frugal living

Frugal living. We all know somebody like this. Someone who has more than enough money in their lives but live at such at an average level.  If you were a stranger off the street and you met them for the first time you would never know the fortune they sit on and they would never let it be known.

Not because they were trying to keep it secret, but money just wasn’t a huge deal or importance to them and their view towards it is naturally at a different level. Frugal living is natural to them, where we have to fight to master such habits and techniques such how to save money, budgeting, eliminating impulsive purchase and trying not to buy the brand names.

Frugal living just comes naturally to them. So even if they could buy a brand new truck, they drive a 1998 F150..And LOVE it. Instead of running through Nordstrom each weekend just because they can…they shop at Goodwill or wait for discounts at Walmart…Because they will look just the same but don’t NEED the feeling of looking rich.

To be honest I don’t think a lot of people this way ‘try’ to be frugal, they just are and I envy that. Cause what comes naturally to them I have to break a sweat over to master.

Even better, they don’t just live a money rich life they live a RICH life. what I mean by this is they donate, they do well with their money. They give back to the community and charities. Where many of us who are saving feel they live so tight they don’t have money to share.

My point here is, each of the people I have met and studied like this all seem to have the same traits and habits they follow. So if you want to live frugally and I’ve listed these top 7 habits of frugal people below for you.

Top 7 Habits Of Frugal Living

1. They Buy Used And Negotiate

Every purchase is researched of planned ahead of time. They don’t buy brand new when it comes to cars, houses, home accessories and gardening equipment etc. They use a lot of sites like eBay, Craigslist and sites you can buy used goods.

When it comes to frugal living and buying larger items like cars and appliances they are ready to negotiate and have a goal in mind. If they don’t get to their goal price they are OK with walking away till they get the price they want…Plus a lot of times when it comes to negotiation. If a salesman can see you are prepared to walk away they will work harder for you if they on a commission.

2. They Are Not Cheap

This doesn’t mean they buy the best of everything. This means they don’t spend that much money on themselves. They would rather spend money helping others and making sure others come first. They will invest more in putting a smile on other people’s faces before theirs.

3. They Don’t Waste Anything

Before things are thrown away, they see if things can be used anywhere else or handed down to anyone. Things like, can old pants be turned into shorts, all food container packaging is saved and used for lunches and freezing other foods and all in all they are very resourceful with everyday items and know how to get the maximum use out of everything. These may seem like small things but over time it all adds up.

4. They Don’t Inflate Thier Frugal Lifestyle

This comes down to the rule that when you get a pay rise or money comes into your life. Most of us will raise our lifestyle. We’ll go and buy bigger things or what a nicer car or start buying more or more expensive clothes and throw the budget out the window when it comes to saving money on grocery shopping. All this does is put you right back in the same financial level you wer already at. frugal people will make extra money or come across money somehow but continue to live the same way they have. But what they do different is they invest more in themselves sand pay themselves firstStuff doesn’t turn them on, security and being  financially secure does.

5. They Live By A Budget

Some love it and some hate it. But you will find the frugal families and successful money addicts all do it. Budget. It may be a swear word to some but it’s an addiction to others. The frugal always know where their money is coming and going. They are prepared for their monthly expenses as each month begins.

Having a financial plan and roadmap each month again allows you to have peace with you finances and give you peace of mind that you will be investing in yourself and you will have money available to make all your payments. Also, if they see a problem, they have time to come up with a solution instead of it be a surprise all of a sudden. These are for sure some of the pros with frugal living.

6. They Don’t Care About The New iPhone

That’s right. New fads and trends don’t excite them. They don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. And, in the long run, frugal people live he exact same life if not more affluent in the end and are just as happy as they would be either way.

They don’t care if a TV can now play in 3D or if the next new car can drive itself. This way they keep a lot more money in their pocket from not making impulse purchases and when and if they ever do need that item, they will get it 50% second-hand and it will still do the exact same thing.

7. They Enjoy The Experiences of Frugal Living, Not The Product

I could break this one down into many areas, but I want to hit home the main point. Frugal people enjoy the experience, not the product, This means instead of dropping $100 on a fancy restaurant, they cook at home. Instead of staying in a $200 hotel on vacation, they book the motel next door and still get the exact same experience outside of the room and just as much sleep.

When you learn to enjoy the experience and realize you don’t NEED the luxuries to have a good time, it’s incredible how much you can save and walk away with the exact same memories.

Now as you can imagine this list isn’t complete of all the traits of a frugal person. Plus I don’t want this to come across that frugal people hoard or live a low standard of life. To them, this is living the high life and they are PERFECTLY happy with it.

Taking myself as an example. I won’t lie. I like to spend money on nice things went I really don’t need them. Now there have been a number of times in my life where money has been very sparse and I didn’t now how I was going to get through and I would surprise myself every time how much I could pull back and save and still get by and life the same life my almost spending 30% less a month.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t ideal, but I made it fine, lived fine, ate well and learned a lot about myself.

Please share comments below about your frugal habits, or what you feel you could really live without to help save money. Also if you know frugal people or couples share what you notice about the that can help other readers.

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