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Hey, welcome to Financial Freedom Lab, the place where you get proven financial methods to help grow your money easier, faster and longer. I’m Hari Luker, the founder of Financial freedom Lab and if you have ever asked yourself:


  • How can I get out of debt
  • How can I increase my credit score quickly
  • How can I save more money
  • How can I retire early
  • How can i make more money on the side
  • How can I find the best trusted resources and tools to help monitor my personal finances


Or if you just want a place where you can go to get trusted proven advice on how you can position yourself and your family in a safer and more stable financial situation quicker and for the long term.

Well…the worrying is over cause you’re in the right place!


Here’s How The Financial Freedom Lab Helps You Get Ahead With Your Financial Life and Goals


“Don’t play games that you don’t understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them.” –Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO


Listen: To get caught up or to get ahead in your own personal finance and get out of what money expert Robert Kosowski call the “rat race” You MUST start to understand the basics of financial knowledge and literacy.

Now you may be asking yourself. “How can I find time to do this while working full time, running a family and the everyday tasks of day to day life”

Well that’s why we are here for you. Because instead of being mislead by all the junk that comes through the mail, sent to your email and to save you researching and guessing what book to read and what experts are really experts. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

Subscribe to Financial Freedom Lab below (it’s free) and as promise in our tag line you will get proven financial methods to help grow your money easier, faster and longer, all from qualified financial experts and veteran financial bloggers from around the country with one purpose in mind…To help you succeed in your financial goals!


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Who Are We

The Financial Freedom blog is a rapidly growing community of everyday people who want to build credit, control debt and become financially free. In the blog you will find articles and information giving you free step-by-step instruction on ways to build credit, save money, get out of debt and then how to make more money on the side and grow your money the right way. Of Course we could write about each one of those topics alone for a lifetime….But we aren’t going anywhere soon!


About Hari Luker

Financial Freedom Lab was founded by me Hari Luker. I’m an electrical/mechanical engineer (numbers freak), blogger and entrepreneur with a little bit of adrenalin junkie mixed in.

In short…I was originally born here in Fort Wayne IN. However I was adopted immediately and raised in Norwich, England where I spent the next 26 years.

During this time I started my passion of kayaking at 10 years old, 5 years later I was a certified whitewater kayak instructor. But unfortunately due to my age, insurance reasons prohibited me from actually instructing… I also held the ‘unofficial’ record for 100 eskimo rolls in 1998….I beat the time, but never got it officially recorded, Dam it!

I was addicted to money at an early age. I went from having a 7 day paper route for 4 years, and going door to door to see if people needed yard work to buying wholesales lots of clothes on Ebay and selling them to the engineers at my day job (At exceptional prices of course!)

At 16 I also started DJing, and within the first year was regularly playing gigs around town and out at large parties in front of thousands of people…But that’s another story!

All the while managing to obtain an electrical/mechanical engineering degree by the time I was 23 and landing a full time job directly after.

Thing is, it was the DJing and other experiences that had taught me so much in so many different ways about what other people want and how to really help others…What I realize today is, my heart is with helping people… So I put all I could into these ventures to make them a success in any way possible, no matter what it took!

Moving forward, I moved back to the US in Nov 2006, from here things took the BIG turn.

I picked up another engineering job here in Fort Wayne where I traveled world giving presentations in over 15 countries on how to fix stuff, I loved the travel, cultures and the people.


Through this time I got madly into ultra running and triathlons…I remember going over to Bahrain knowing I had a race two days from when I got back….training in 115 degree weather is not fun!!

2009: I had beautiful twin girls, meaning the travel had to stop.

My careers choice’s also started to change.

I started immersing myself in training’s, courses, books, mentors, taking vacations from my job to go to marketing seminars as much as I could surround myself with of the elite in the marketing world. Being a sponge I knew I had found something I loved and from judging by the results thus far, I was good at it.

A year went by and I was making good money…but  was still maintaining my engineering job!

Summer of 2010, I was in Colorado for one week on business.

Even more of a fitness nut and after a day of teaching, I made a trip up to the Red Rock Amphitheater in Denver as I wanted to see the view and run the stairs… I only had a few hours as I had dinner plans.

I finished doing 3 ‘ups and downs’ of the stairs…may not sound much but just Google Red Rock Amphitheater and look at the stairs…at elevation..WOW!

Anyway, I started my descent back to the car on the left hand side of the amphitheater, slowly taking my time, taking in the view ahead and the ideal evening…

As I took a step down I heard a crash from up high on the vertical cliff face on my left, I looked up and saw a basketball size shadow rushing rapidly toward me…

Then it happened..Time stood still until I felt a hit on my shoulder, a crash, and then screams around me as others close by were sprayed with flying debris…It took a while for me to come round, but I was still standing… The rock had scraped my left shoulder and caught my right hip leaving just fine scratches…If I has been 2 inches back, this rock would have won the fight.

It took me at least 24hrs to really get over this…Dinner had to be canceled that night.

That was it…Some still joke that it took a rock nearly falling on my head to realize what I needed to do,

2 weeks later I quit my day job and started my own marketing firm.

Now I was free, I was a real entrepreneur, I was doing what I loved!

Starting my own business was the best thing I could have ever done for learning about money. Cause it forced me to learn about it. In fact over 3 years I ended up learning the hard way. I lost a passion for what I was doing, got burnt out and fell deep into debt on credit cards, mortgage, family and a lot more… I went from having $25,000 in savings to owing $30,000 in debt.

The whole process left me feeling very vulnerable and dissatisfied.

This time there was no rock to fall on my head…

I had to bite the bullet and move back to the corporate world where I did a mix of car sales and becoming a sale manger at a local engineering firm.

This allowed money to flow back in and I knew I only had one shot to fix things.

The number 1 thing that helped me was taking ownership of my mistakes and my finances. For so long I was tired off collectors calling and bills and reminders coming in I would ignore them and brush them off. I didn’t REALLY know what situation I was in.

One day I sat down and put it all on paper. I didn’t like the result but I had a huge weight off my shoulders cause now I REALLY knew the situation…and from there it was time to build. This included credit repair, budgeting and automating my finances.

Now this wasn’t a fast process but in just over 1 year I was debt free and caught up with a credit score I’m almost happy to tell you…maybe.

At this stage I asked myself:

  • What do I love to do?
  • Who do I love to serve?
  • What do I love to teach?

That was it, I had a purpose to trigger my entrepreneurial spark again. I had just been through a process so many other go through and never know where to turn or are to scared to ask or take ownership.

Now I can relate with you, I’ve been there, fixed it and now here to take you by the hand on a journey to help fix it and get you back on your feet and then some more!

Here we are today, with you reading this about page for Financial Freedom Lab. An incubator or ideas and strategies proven and tested to work, and as lab suggests, me and my team will explore new and exciting ways to help you save more quicker, budget effortlessly, tools and apps to make if automated and multiple ways to help you make more money.

So I invite you to join me and I congratulate you for reading this far. Jump back into the blog and always feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas!

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