7 Ideas To Find A Budget Wedding Venue For Your Ceremony & Reception

budget wedding venues

Congratulations, you’re getting married!! Like many, you’re now looking for a budget wedding venue for you ceremony and reception right?

Well, according to the Wedding Report, the average price of a wedding in 2013 was just a little over $25,000.  Yes, it’s THAT much!  If you are getting married in New York, the most expensive state to get married, you can expect to pay over $75,000 (New York State of Mind = expensive.)  In either case, that’s just too much to pay for a single day of nuptials and festivities.

Why is it so expensive to get married? There are a lot of contributors. One of the biggest is that big sack of cash you have to pay for your wedding venue and reception venue. If you want to get married on a Saturday in the most popular place in the city, expect to pay DEARLY for the privilege.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in embracing the traditions of love, togetherness, and family instead of someone else’s idea of a picture-perfect wedding that will put you on shaky financial footing, we’ve got some cheap wedding venues for you. Consider these ideas with your spouse to be and crunch the numbers:

1. At Home Wedding Venue

This is the most obvious budget wedding venue.  If you live in an apartment or other small home, you might not have the room to handle a lot of wedding guests.  Your parents, on the other hand, might have a great place that they’re willing to let you use for your wedding ceremony.  If they don’t, they might know somebody, which brings us to the second venue.

2. A Friends Place

If your friends think your wedding is the biggest event since SpaceX’s Dragon docked with the ISS (geek), then your friends might be more than happy to donate their place for the festivities.  Everyone’s got a friend with a big yard that’s just perfect for a wedding, right? And if they don’t, try contacting friends of friends or friends of the family.

3. Judges Chamber – Court House

Marriage doesn’t need a huge ceremony, and most people come to weddings for the reception anyway.  All you need is someone who’s willing to officiate, a couple of witnesses, and the two people who are getting married.  Getting married at the courthouse might not be what old-fashioned types think of when getting married, but the more frugal folks out there might want to keep it in mind.

4. State Park Wedding Venue

Did you know that acres and acres of the most beautiful land in the country is encompassed within the state park system?  Not only that, but you can get in any state park for a pittance.  Seriously, it’s only three dollars for an all-day pass at most state parks, and you can reserve one of the group areas for your wedding.  Not too shabby.

5. Flash Wedding

You’ve probably seen flash proposals on YouTube, why not flash weddings?  At the mall, at the local public fountain, at the bowling alley, there are plenty of theatrical people who don’t mind the idea of having their wedding out in public, ‘ambushing’ innocent bystanders with their love and affection.  If all goes well, you can make your wedding the next social media sensation.

6. Hobby Based Wedding Venue

Let’s say that the two lovebirds met at a motorcycle rally, a science fiction convention, an SCA event, or even at the confectioner’s trade show.  What could be more romantic than having the wedding at the same location?  The biggest advantage to having a wedding during conventions or events is that friends are most likely already going to be there… and you’ve got a place for a reception all lined up.

7. Non Traditional Budget Wedding Venues

Following on the same theme of theme weddings, think about the non-traditional places which might be more appropriate than in the huge meeting and reception halls that charge an arm and a leg.  Wedding bells at the bowling alley?  Perhaps a favorite restaurant?  The joy is not in where you get married so much as it’s in the person to whom you’re getting married.


Finally as a bonus – My dad met his wife in Zales , a top dollar boutique furniture store in Sacramento, CA. They reached out to Zales and they offered to put the wedding on for free and in turn attracted a bunch of media buzz and got all their photos free as well…So be creative as those budget wedding venues are out there!

The most special day of your life shouldn’t be the costliest especially if you don’t have the money you spend.  A wedding should be centered around your love and your union, not the money that you spent on it.  Save the money for your lives together instead. Perhaps a down payment on a new house?

If you have ever had to put on a wedding, what savings ideas did you have and find effective. Or if you have been to other weddings with great money saving ideas please share in the comments below.

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