15 Proven Ways How To Save Money Fast

save money fast

We have all asked the question and wanted to now how to save money fast. Because most of the time all we hear is it takes years to save money, or I don’t have enough extra money to save right now. Most of the “how to save money” questions I get are about how to…

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7 Secret Habits Of Frugal Living and Frugal People

frugal living

Frugal living. We all know somebody like this. Someone who has more than enough money in their lives but live at such at an average level.  If you were a stranger off the street and you met them for the first time you would never know the fortune they sit on and they would never…

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Top 10 Priorities When Setting Financial Goals and Budgets

setting financial goals

So you’ve had the talk with your self or your spouse and it’s time to get your finances under control and set up your budgeting priorities and your financial goals. Now you don’t need to make this difficult. In this post I’m going to give you the top 10 priorities you need to take control of…

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Pay Yourself First – 7 Easy Ways To Get Started Today

pay yourself first

Learning how to pay yourself first is becoming more and more popular in the world of personal finance. Essentially, paying yourself first means that the first “bill” you pay should be to your yourself in the form of a savings or retirement account. Most people do this the other way around: They pay other bills first…

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17 Ways How To Save Money On Groceries And Eat Healthy Doing It

save money on groceries

I bet if you looked at 90% of people that write down new years resolutions, they would include both of these. 1. Save money 2. Eat healthy. No matter if this is for yourself or a goal for the family, money and food drive us. In nearly all house holds groceries are one of the largest…

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7 Ideas To Find A Budget Wedding Venue For Your Ceremony & Reception

budget wedding venues

Congratulations, you’re getting married!! Like many, you’re now looking for a budget wedding venue for you ceremony and reception right? Well, according to the Wedding Report, the average price of a wedding in 2013 was just a little over $25,000.  Yes, it’s THAT much!  If you are getting married in New York, the most expensive state…

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