Financial Tools & Resources Hand Picked To Help Master Your Money

To help you fast track your finances our team is using this page to bring you the latest and most effective tools and apps found on the market place to help you take control of your money.

You will find free and paid options to help:

  • Monitor, build and maintain your credit score
  • Understand your current debt situation and how to climb out quickly and effectively
  • Easy to use (and follow) budgeting tools
  • Ways to mange bills all from ONE place!
  • Where and how to invest your money and how to effortlessly no matter how well you understand investing
  • Best rewarding credit cards for both god and bad credit situation
  • Best day-to-day banking and savings accounts


Just to be clear, some of these resource are affiliates of ours. Meaning if you sign up through the links on this page we get a small commission. If you do so I want to say thank you for supporting us. But be rest assured this did not swing our decision to list them. We picked our list first and then went back to see if they had affiliate programs available (we need to be able to feed our families too)

Along with each list of tools we will also offer you our recommendation. But just because it suits us doesn’t mean it’s best for you. If you have any specific questions on which to choose, please send your questions to and we’ll do our best to answer.


Monitor and Build Your Credit

As you can imagine your credit score is one of the most important numbers to maintain when it comes to your financial freedom. I can tell you first hand bad credit can drive up interest rates meaning you could have to pay thousands more for personal loans, cars and home etc.

What you need to remember is each lending or credit card situation to enter will pull from different lenders, Experian, Equifax and Transunion. For example, uses Transunion.

Your true FICO score can only be purchased from . Of course I want you to save money! So…

We recommend the following 3 online tools to monitor your FICO score as they offer a lot of value added services for free such as updated reported info, score change alerts, recommendations and, credit utilization. I recommended each of these platforms the same. Check all 3 out and I feel it just comes down to which website navigation and layout you prefer.

I personal use


Get Out Of Debt

Have debt and tired of monitoring payment dates, interests rates and income vs spending.

Well this is what Ready for Zero has mastered and I’m mad I didn’t know about this tool a few years back! Ready for Zero offers a solution to centralize and  automate your debt payment plan

Ready for Zero has a free account which connects to all your checking accounts, credit cards and loans and allows you to see all your payments in one place. It’s a very easy to use interface and comes with a nifty mobile app to.

If you are desperate to get in the green but feel like you aren’t even getting close. I can’t recommended this tool enough!

Of course there are paid options as well. For just $10 Ready for Zero will help automate your payments. Yes, they link your credit and debit cards and make sure you never miss a payment. But don’t worry, they won’t make payments if you don’t have the cash. The for an additional monthly fee they will also monitor your credit score. Go to the home page and watch the short video for a full description!

Review here


Best Tools For Managing Your Bills Online

I have to say Finovera does one job and it does it well. It brings ALL your utilities, bills, investments and accounts to one place electronically online and via mobile app. You could say a few other tools out there offer the option to pay bills online, but Finovera makes it paperless and stores you actual PDF statement in an easily to use file folder in your account.

So in short Finovera combines your financial life from water bill, insurance and retirement account altogether to have one big party and look out for each other.

Watch the Finovera video to see for yourself


Best Online Savings Account

This section is dedicated to online banking and savings accounts. For many there is no real need to keep a brick and motor bank anymore unless you do a lot of cash or check deposits. Even then most backs now have the option of taking a picture of the check and it magically checks itself in.

Plus to add from my experience and from others I have asked both have quick and easy 24/7 customer service.

I have listed 2 options below and each have their benefits. I use Capitol 360 only for the reason I can set sub accounts for separate reasons such as home down payment, vacation etc


Discover Bank is a great option for a high-yield online savings account.

It has one of the highest rates currently at 0.9% where interest is compounded daily and credited monthly and is very simple to set up. Please note that to open a new account it will require a $500 initial deposit, but there are no monthly account minimums or maintenance fees after that.

All transfer of money is done online and it’s effortless to send and receive money from other sources. Of course as we discussed above, if you have a local brick and mortar account then you just connect it to your Discover savings account and that makes it very easy to transfer your funds..

Review your Discover Savings account here


 Capitol One 360 –  For those who don’t know Capitol One 360 used to be ING Direct. Back then it was still one of the best savings account highly recommended by many experts for it’s ease of use and interest rates. As you would expect, Capitol One 360 checking allows you to have a fairly good interest rate, ATM access and a debit card. Where Capitol One 360 Savings will reward you with a higher interest rate along with the reason why I use them which is the multiple sub accounts you can set up for things like your emergency fund we always discuss and a ‘dream account’ such as a vacation or wedding…or all 3! Even better is you can set it all up to automatically pull from your checking and fund them each month…In turn automating you finances!

Set up you Capital One 360 savings account here


Best Tool For Managing Your Investments

If you invest your in portfolio such as a 401K, IRA, pension and other investments. It can get strenuous jumping from account to account tracking everything. Yes there are tools out there such as that track this info but we feel does it best, in this case Personal Capitol is better targeted to the investment portion compared to In fact quoted it as “ for rich people”

As we review this Personal Capitol has almost 700,000 users and is now tracking more than $120 billion in assets on the online platform.

Check out Personal Capitol for yourself here

Best Investing Services For Begineers

If you are are a novice or small investor looking to make your first trade and don’t know where to start. I highly recommend Simply put Bettermints goal is to make investing fun, profitable and effortless. There selling point is ease of use. So if you’re looking for a platform to just deposit money in each month and not have to worry abut anything else, yet still get an understanding of what your money is doing, then Bettermint is for you. So see you don’t have to do any researching about which investments you need to purchase or decide when to re-balance your portfolio, because Betterment does all that for you automatically.

Open your account today. Then simply choose how much to invest, how often you want to invest and what asset allocation you want…Happy Investing!

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